Peri-Conceptional undernutrition in twin bearing ewes: Effect on early fetal growth and birth weight

Ricardo Vicente-Pérez, Yolanda Osorio-Marín, María de los Angeles López-Baca, Leonel Avendaño-Reyes, Abelardo Correa-Calderón, Miguel Mellado, Ana L. Lara-Rivera, Cesar A. Meza-Herrera, Ulises Macias-Cruz


A total of 48 Katahdin x Pelibuey multiparous ewes were used to evaluate the e ect of nutritional restriction (40 %) before (30 d, RT), after (50 d, TR) or both periods (80 d, RR) compared with a control group on maternal body status, early fetal growth and lamb birth weights. Only twin bearing ewes were selected at d 50 of pregnancy for fetal measurements by ultrasonography and record of birth weight. Compared with control ewes, lower (p < 0.05) weight and body condition score had RT and RR ewes at mating time, likewise, TR and RR ewes at d 50 post-conception. There were mainly di erences between fetuses from control and RT ewes, being higher (p < 0.05) the vesicular, abdominal and fetal area, as well as crown-rump length and birth weight for RT fetuses. In conclusion, preconception undernutrition positively altered the early fetal growth and lamb birth weights in hair ewes pregnant with twins. 


Gemelos, restricción nutricional, longitud cráneo-caudal, cotiledones, crecimiento fetal


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